Getting back into the swing of things has been great for Karen and I. We’re recording once more and lining up great guests for the show! This show, however, does not have a guest! It is Karen and I talking about one of the most important things ever: raiding. Karen and I break down what we liked in EverQuest and EverQuest II and make some suggestions about what SOE can do with EverQuest Next! We also do some rapid fire “you make the call” questions and talk about a very special visit! Speaking of which, we’re running out of questions again folks! Please submit something for us to answer!

Show Notes

  • Karen has the PAX pox?
  • What we liked and did not like about EQ1 raiding.
  • EQ2 raiding, the good and bad.
  • Suggestions for EQ Next raids.
  • You make the call in rapid fire.


A special thank you to Trion Worlds, Scott Hartsman, the Rift’s staff and to several others for making our lives a bit better in gaming!