When we were at Fan Faire 2010 Karen and I sat down to do a couple of podcasts. The first we planned in advance with some other guild leaders and that went very well. The second was an unexpected surprise by Calthine of Zam! She brought Paul “Frizznik” Carrico, SOE’s Lead Mechanics Designer, over to talk to us and he was an exceptional guest. On episode 15 we discuss a few different aspects of EverQuest II, the upcoming Velious expansion, and even a little about EQ2 Extended. Take a moment to listen to Frizznik’s thoughts on the game. Enjoy this very informal interview on a View From the Top. The guild leader panel will be coming shortly! We do apologize for the background noise but it was unavoidable. Hopefully you can hear everything!


  • A very huge thank you to Calthine for making this possible!
  • Thank you to Kiara for not only advertising for us but for also finding a special place for us to podcast! She literally gave us a booth!
  • We would like to extend our gratitude to Frizznik for being such a wonderful and willing guest!
  • Thank you to Adam for talking endlessly when we had a guest!