We’ve been on a roll with you guys sending in mail! We’ve also been receiving comments on our answers and that is also quite awesome! Karen and I just really want to thank you all for participating and we really want that to continue. Keep sending questions. Keep following up! Keep us in business. For every question we get Karen won’t kill a kitten. We’ve really enjoyed doing the shows with your questions and will continue to do so as long as you keep sending them. Tell your friends!

Show Notes

  • As always, what have we been doing? You’re right, EQ2. It is awesome and you should be here too!
  • Karen is jealous of Adam taking advantage of EQ2 double exp weekend!
  • Listener feedback. We answer your answers!
  • Learn to make your fun in MMORPGs.
  • New questions from you to us. We treat the mail bag with kindness.
  • Adam’s connection clearly sucks.


Congratulations to Kiara on moving to EQ! Also congratulations to Amnerys for moving to EQ2!
Karen shouts out to Bright White and to everyone who sent us questions and comments!