EQ2On this episode of a View from the Top we were pleased to have Morgan Feldon of EQ2 Wire as our guest. He has a lot of insight into Karen and I’s favorite game, EverQuest 2. We tackle some great guild related issues and spend a lot of time discussing our MMORPG of choice. Come and listen to us speculate about the next expansion, itemization and even a little class balance!

Show Notes

  • We take a moment to talk about what we’ve been playing while Adam rudely eats. I thought we were over that!
  • Morgan has been spending time with both EQ2 and single player games. He is in Europe and according to Adam it is a weird place!
  • Listener feedback: We hear from Citadelli on Guk and get onto the subject of Battlegrounds. How do we feel about the new armor sets and what is their effect on overall itemization?
  • Podcast Spotlight: Check out 16 Bit Radio, a podcast from Tim “Youngblood” and company. If you’re interested in hearing honest opinions about games you’ll enjoy it!
  • Interviewing Feldon! We put him on the hot seat!
  • The ultimate question: What do you think about Sentinel’s Fate?
  • What is the deal with raid progression?
  • Nobody likes Icy Keep but Ferrel? That is a shame!
  • Expansion rumors! Velious is the next expansion? It might even be out at Christmas? Is that enough time?! Velious is serious business and can’t be done poorly!
  • Nobody wants to go to Odus. Nobody went to Odus in EverQuest! Adam is after random areas!
  • Living up to the expectations of Velious. Was it the greatest EverQuest expansion ever made?
  • Lets talk about large open dungeons. They haven’t been done right in a while and were previously a big portion of Velious. Will this be an issue?
  • Are we going to get an incomplete Velious spread over a few years? That might not be such a great idea. What will be the Destiny of Velious?
  • Erollisi Marr story line spoiler alert!
  • What would we like to see in game down the road? Morgan is looking for something more than the usual progression methods.
  • Creating a golden path for grouping and raiding. Lets revitalize that old content! We should also have another look at the experience penalty with mentoring.
  • Really looking at EQ2 Wire. Where did it come from? How did it get started?
  • You make the Call: This week’s question comes from Mike Emeny. His question is about enforcing rules equally. It was a wonderful question! You’ll have to listen for it and the answers though!
  • Don’t forget to submit your “ask a guild leader” questions. You can win some Fallen Earth goodies if you do. Check out the details in the acknowledgments.


We would like to extend a huge thank you to Feldon and EQ2 Wire. The amount of secret information he brought to the show was great! We love to dish about EverQuest II and he really allowed us to do that.

Thank you to Tim “Youngblood” for being our partner in pod-casting! We appreciate your efforts!

Adam would like to express his great appreciation to Icarus Studios for supporting Epic Slant in the Fallen Earth Epic Contest. If you’d like a chance to win some Fallen Earth game time, a boxed game and/or some swag follow the link and submit a question!

We would like to shout out to the EQ2 team for all the good things they do.

Morgan would like to shout out to Deathdealer for doing work on EQ2 Wire! He would like to shout out to Thorian as well!

Karen thanks Citadelli and would like to hook up from some BGs! She also touched on shouting out to all of her BG buddies.