Karen and I have asked, begged and pleaded for listener questions and feedback. You guys delivered beautifully and we quickly started to fall behind on answering it. To get us caught up we decided to do a mail bag episode and answer everything we had! That also means that we now need more letters! Please get to it! Submit your questions and we shall answer them on the air! In the mean time we answered some of the most well thought out and put together letters ever. The careful thought that went into each one made us quite happy so please allow me to say thank you to everyone who sent one in.

Show Notes

  • It has been a while. Where have you guys been? What are you doing?
  • EQ2 Minute: Oasis merging? Maybe? Battlegrounds? Rabble, Rabble!
  • Green Armadillo’s Question.
  • Gavin’s Question.
  • Autymn’s Question.
  • Ferrel’s surprise ambush Question!


Thank you to Green Armadillo who has been a good friend to us and the show. We are grateful for the way you support us and keep us on your blog. We hope you find something interesting in our answer to your question. I also highly recommend reading Player vs Developer, Green Armadillo’s blog. It is highly insightful and well written.

We would also like to acknowledge everyone who sent in questions. Thank you to Gavin for the continued support and to Autymn for a very well phrased question that made us think differently. You’re both great!