Karen and I have been insanely busy lately so we haven’t had a lot of time to record or edit! We recorded this show a while back and a lot has happened since then! That said I’m pleased to offer an episode that went quite well. We didn’t have a guest but we took some time to really talk about what is going on in EverQuest 2 and offer some good advice for the guilds that are out there. Come and enjoy a .5 episode with us while we prepare our super exciting episode 10!

Show Notes

  • What has been going on lately? Adam (at the time) was about to leave for Germany!
  • We’re discussing EQ2 and we’ve been playing a lot of it lately!
  • Battlegrounds are still not for Adam but Karen seems to enjoy them!
  • Is the Oasis server going to die? It sure feels like it.
  • Sentinel’s Fate instances. Are they good, bad or ugly?
  • Two group raids are harder than four group?
  • The EverQuest 2 producer letter. Follow Brenlo’s road map with us!
  • Humping polar bears? What…?
  • Talking Point: What is missing for guilds? What do we need to bring to them?
  • What would you like to see added to guilds?
  • You make the call: How do you handle leaving a short or long period of time as a guild leader? Please send in your questions. We’ve started to get a few but we need more!


Karen and I would like to thank Vagary TV for hosting us. We’re thrilled to say we might be getting a new look on our site here shortly!

Shout out to Gavin for taking the time to send us fan mail and send us some nice tweets on Twitter!

We shout out to Randolf again! Thank you for the thank you note!

Karen shouts out to Mike Emeny who is our guest on our next show and to Shay from EQ2. Shay is currently working on the Hardly Casual blog!

I would like to thank the United States Air Force for treating me kindly!