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Adam “Ferrel” T

Adam has been involved in the MMO industry since the days of the text based MUD. He jumped into the graphical MMORPG scene with the release of Ultima Online and has been hooked ever since. His career has been long and varied but the majority of his time has been spent in SOE’s EverQuest products.

Though he had prior leadership responsibilities in guilds prior to the existence of graphical titles Adam’s first leadership role was in the EQ1 guild Silent Redemption. He was a raiding member of that organization for years and the cleric leader for a duration prior to his retirement. In EQ2 he took the reigns of Iniquity and lead that guild with the help of some awesome senior officers for over two years. During that time they were the undisputed leader on the Oasis server.

Having since retired from the competitive raiding life Adam can still be found in EQ2. He leads his offshoot of Iniquity, Sodality, as a microcore guild on the Oasis server. To add additional confusion, this offshoot is still under the Iniquity guild tag in EQ2! They are, however, a separate guild.

You may also find Adam writing under the name Ferrel on Epic Slant. Epic Slant focuses on guild leadership issues, MMO design, and whatever Adam happens to be playing. In addition to a View from the Top, he also co-hosts Vagary TV’s Multiverse Podcast. Multiverse focuses on MMO news and general topics.

Should you need to reach Adam you can find him on Twitter as FerrelES or via email at Ferrel[at]

  • #1 written by Arithion
    about 6 years ago

    Hi Ferrel
    Nice to see other SR people are still playing MMO’s. Illiyenia might be more familiar than Arithion – had to make it easier for people to ask for buffs ;)
    Small, small world :)

  • #2 written by Ferrel
    about 6 years ago

    Awesome! It is great to see other players from the past! How’ve you been doing?

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