Retrocore #73 We’re Back!

After eight long months Retrocore Podcast returns. This episode we sat down to catch up and talk about retro and modern gaming. E3 happened during our absence so we quickly shared our thoughts on the new consoles and games coming out. Of course we sprinkled in some retro talk as that is the main focus of the show. Next show everything should return to normal and Colin will be back as well. Sorry for being away for so long and we hope you enjoy the show.


  • Fun fact: Don voices Mr. Dink from Nickelodeon’s Doug
  • We discuss what games we’ve bought and been playing the last 8 months
  • Because we were weren’t around for E3, we share our thoughts on the new consoles
  • Brief talk about Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV
  • Sonic Lost World and how Crush 40 rocks some Sonic tunes
  • Club Nintendo rewards and how they need to add more items. Don orders the Pikmin Tote Bag
  • Stonercore returns in which we talk about junk food

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Retrocore 72 “Game of the Year Spectacular”

Join us for the last episode of Retrocore Podcast literally released on the last day of the year. Sadly Colin wasn’t able to join us as he was out on a winter Canadian Wilderness Adventure. Don, Doug and I continue on with the show and of course we had fun. We talked junk food again among other things. Oh and we named off and discussed our top games of the year. Thanks for sticking with us and we hope you continue listening into the new year!

  • We share what Santa brought us
  • Chris and Don gush about the awesome Ys games *Contains spoilers*
  • We announce the winner of our Humble THQ giveaway
  • We share some of your Game of the Year picks before moving on to share ours
  • The horrible TMNT Coming out of our shells tour is briefly mentioned….
  • Listener questions

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Retrocore 71 “Stonercore”

Welcome to an odd but fun episode. We get into conversations we usually don’t get into. A good 10 minutes or so is spent talking about junk food and other odd sounding treats. We do talk games of course and Don gives us a rundown of his fancy new Wii U. Also is Chris warming up to Earthbound? You’ll have to listen to find out! Thanks for listening and all the support!

On this show:

  • We talk about the last Nintendo Power
  • Earthbound
  • VGAs (Video Game Awards)
  • “Stonercore” in which we talk about junk food and weird food
  • The winner of our Humble Indie Bundle 6 is announced
  • Chris shares ideas he has for a Chocobo Racing 2 which brings up a kart racer discussion
  • Don shares his Wii U experience and gives a run down of features
  • Twitter questions and more!

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Retrocore #70 Doug misses Twinkies

Disclaimer: This episode was recorded last Sunday, November 18th, 2012. Sorry for the delay and keep in mind some stuff we talk about may be dated now.

On the 70th episode of Retrocore Podcast we basically just go with the flow. We didn’t set down and plan out a show this time, we just talked about what came to us and I think it came out ok. We also had to randomly tease Doug throughout the show about the demise of Twinkies! Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!

On todays show:

  • Doug is really upset about the Hostess going belly up.
  • We go through the cliche “What we’ve been playing”
  • Chris and Doug talk about the Toejam & Earl HD Collection
  • We discuss and reminisce about Weird Al’s only movie UHF
  • We share our thoughts on the Vita and Sony in general
  • much more!

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Retrocore 69

On a very special episode of Retrocore Podcast:

Colin tells Don that Doug may be the father of his child. Meanwhile Chris is hiding out in Alaska for the murder of Don. But wait, that doesn’t make sense! How did Colin tell Don if Chris killed him? Find out more on…nah just kidding. We talk about games of course and try to focus more on the retro side of things. We did discuss various Kirby games along with the very awesome Retro City Rampage. Thanks for listening!!

On this episode:

  • We discuss the monstrosity that is Megaman Xover (We played a flash demo)
  • Review of the amazing Retro City Rampage
  • Contest winners
  • Kirby 20th Anniversary topic in which we talk about Kirby and his various games
  • Mini Zelda DS and Mario Party discussion
  • Listener questions and as always, much more

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Retrocore 68

Today’s show is another one in which we bounce from topic to topic. From Steam to Zelda and and even some Final Fantasy talk, we had fun. Doug once again provided some interesting… commentary, but it’s always hilarious! We even gave out a game as we had our first contest ever on Retrocore. (Courtesy of  Be sure to listen if you sent in an entry and more contests are on the way! Thanks for listening and the support.

On this show:

  • Chris discovers Steam; talks about Jamestown, Wizorb, Torchlight and others
  • Chris and Don talk about Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy for Steam
  • We announce the winner of our Half Minute Hero giveaway
  • Zelda discussion
  • Chris tries to defend Final Fantasy Dimensions from the haters
  • Listener questions and more!

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Retrocore 67

It took some time but it looks like we are back in the swing of things! We bring you a show full of variety. From fax machines to the classic Apple Computers we talk about it all. We also talk about how Capcom isn’t the company it used to be and discuss the recent Wii U announcements. As always, thanks for the support and listening!

On this show:

  • Double Dragon Neon review by Chris, Don, and Doug
  • Crystal Pepsi and Japanese Pepsi flavors
  • Megaman Xover :(
  • Resident Evil 6 and a Crapcom discussion
  • Wii U, Nintendoland, F-Zero anime, and digital distribution
  • Colin shares how to be a jerk with fax machines
  • Kid Pix and more!

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Retrocore 66

Some might refer to this episode as the extra sexy Retrocore Podcast. We had a blast with this one and had some pretty funny “sexy” moments. That doesn’t mean we skipped the game talk, cause we talked a lot about games too!  We may of had a little too much fun talking about the newest Kingdom Hearts game and how Square Enix can’t name games. Let us know how we are doing and thanks for listening!

On this show:

  • Don shares his PAX experiences
  • Colin and Doug like punk chicks
  • A quick review of Final Fantasy Dimensions by Chris (iOS)
  • Zen Pinball 2
  • Blog announcement (Coming soon)
  • Furry talk and more!


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Retrocore #65

We had to open the show with the topic of Nintendo Power. May the once awesome magazine rest in peace. You will be missed. Then we went back to our normal Retrocore ways of talking retro, and going off topic with even more retro!! Of course Doug did talk about Ballz some more as he is now the official “Ball guy”. Thanks for listening and let us know how we’re doing!

On this show:

  • Nintendo Power
  • Kirby event
  • Regular Show: Nightmare-athon iOS review by Chris
  • Retro/Grade review by Chris
  • and of course much more


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Retrocore: Review A Bad Game Day Special

Disclaimer: Episode  contains lots of Ballz!!

The title says it all folks! Don, Doug and Chris sat down for a little bit and discussed what they consider to be bad games. August 8th is the official “Review a Bad Game Day” and was started by Nintendo Legend of Retrocore decided to join in and boy did we have fun! Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out http;// to see who else participated and links to their review!! Noticeably missing from the show is Colin who is out on his Canadian Wilderness Adventure. (He’ll be back next show!)


  • Fox’s Peter Pan and the Pirates (NES) Chris
  • Musashi: Samurai Legend (Playstation 2) Don
  • Ballz (Genesis,Super Nintendo) Doug

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