The Perfectly Sane Show Ep. 76: Closing Time

This week is part two of the holiday extravaganza. In this part, the guys name the best platform specific games as well as their personal top 10 games lists. Then the guys wrap up the year with the naming of their unanimous choice for Game of the Year after some heated debating and an invocation of The Pac-Man Defense.

Happy New Year folks, we’ll see you in 2012.

Also, join us in the forums to discuss games and other stuff we like.

Music in this episode:
Strike of the Devil’s Axes OC ReMix by CarboHydroM & LuIzA

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Tony – iamnapoleon1066
Jeff – JustSomeDude899
Cyrus – FozioAuditore
Chris – kariyanine

Perfectly Sane Show

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