Ferrel Wears PlateWe’re back again with Episode #2 of MMO Radio: A War Z Blunder. This week we talk about one of the year’s biggest controversies in The War Z. Is it a shameless cash grab? A copycat of Day Z? Absolutely, but it’s also pretty funny if a little frustrating. Plus, if it’s big enough news to pull our friend Adam away from his Dungeons and Dragons planning, you know it has to be good.

Speaking of Dungeons and Dragons, Adam regales us with the latest adventures of his campaign. I won’t spoil anything but lizard necromancers might be involved.

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Articles Discussed: Kotaku’s Pro Cheat Article, Chris’ War Z Preview for Hooked Gamers, Chris’ follow-up: Please, Don’t Buy The War Z
Kickstarter of the Week: 12 Realms