Hello Everyone,

Well surprise, surprise. Bet you didn’t expect to see us around these parts again! Well, it’s been a while and we’ve missed our date, so we decided to sit down and record a little follow-up to the final season of the Multiverse and update our listeners on our ramblings.

What exactly is the hold up, you ask? In short, following our previous recording, the second laptop we used for mixing was rendered unusable by virtue of a broken AC adapter. Thar was smoke and thar were sparks, but that were no white whales and for that we are thankful. Still, it is impossible to produce MMO Radio without a second computer running in the background. Technology… c’est la vie.

In any event, we present you with this update episode where we do our Multiverse thing and talk about the big news and happenings in the MMO and gaming world. That includes EQ2 F2P, the Playstation Vita, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, RIFT, SWTOR, and more.

Enjoy the show and stay tuned for updates on the launch of MMO Radio. It’s approaching!