Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the very last edition of The Multiverse before we relaunch in January as MMO Radio! We have big things planned, which we talk about a little hear, so I hope you’ll all follow us over — don’t worry, nothing big is changing! We want to have a show that represents what you’ve heard recently and another chance at giving the world a first impression. We’ll be posting several editions of the “new” show here until you make the switch to the new (forthcoming) feed.

This was an excellent show. We talk some TOR, some RIFT, and other week’s news. We also give BIG THANK YOUS to everyone who donated to getting Adam’s new book, The Raid Leader’s Companion, off the ground. You guys made it happen, and we appreciate the support.

And also, apologies for having this out late. I’ve been perpetually sick/sidetracked and out of touch from my online life.

Cheers, everyone!