Ladies and gentlemen I am pleased to announce that the Multiverse has turned 50!

On episode 17 we deliver, as promised, a special guest: Green Armadillo from Player Vs Developer. I was also joined by the Multiverse Guildcast’s own Dr. Klassi. He filled in for CKC who is currently located somewhere in the North East doing a job for king and country.

In the news

  • MechWarrior Online is announced and will be free to play
  • Final Fantasy XIV goes pay to play
  • DCUO goes free to play and hits one million-billion connections
  • End game? You mean THE game? Why not just pay to skip that early stuff
  • Something about EverQuest
Shameless promotion
Not shameless promotion
  • Darth Hater Podcast turns 100 before the game it covers does!
  • Elder Game offers an interesting perspective on MMORPG development.
  • Chris, our CKC, who was with us in spirit but not in body.