Greetings Multiversians!

Another week, another ‘cast for your aural pleasure. This week Adam and I fly solo and break down the week’s big topics. Before we get started, let me just say, Senor Ferrel is pushing it. I may just have to call my Close Personal Friend ™ Dwayne Johnson so he can smell what the rock is cookin’. It’s beans. Kidney beans. You’ve been warned, Mr. Trzonkowski!


  • Morality Gear in SWTOR – Are you Darkside I (“slightly evil”) or Darkside V (“Wow, you’re a real jerk”)
  • How Adam’s post about being nicer to WoW gets him trolled. Back to being mean?
  • How I met your Kim Jong Il. Not really. But he did offer to sell me some plat4cash.
  • Tanking in WoW – good for tanks, bad for healers? And where do these DPS players GET OFF?
And much, much more!
Enjoy the show!

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