Greetings Multiversians!

On this day, the first of August in this the 11th year of our second millennium, I declare our audience a sovereign nation! That’s right, as of this moment, we are one under the banner of Epic Slant Press and Vagary TV — and boy do we have an offer for you! For the low, low price of $150 we’ll give you a collector’s edition passport, a life-size statue of Adam in an “I Love Schnitzel” t-shirt, and an artbook containing exclusive photographs of Chris’ WoW-themed wife beater collection!

In this week’s episode, we’re pleased to be joined by our friend and soon to be college hotshot, Riknas Sarn! We have a great time getting re-acquainted over MMO talk including such topics as:

  • Lots of SW:ToR talk!
    • The $150 Collector’s Edition — which is a FAR worse value than what we’re offering you, by the way.
    • Bioware choosing servers for pre-launch guilds
    • And we respond to Gordon’s statement, “I guarantee SWTOR will pass a million subscribers.” Gordon, we formally invite you on the show. We’ll talk about Japan and stuff.
  • Selling your kids for gold — Will Riknas sell his first born for  Station Cash? Only if it comes out as green loot.
  • A listener asks, should he play F2P EQ2 or pony up for a sub?
  • Introducing the Multiverse: Guildcast!
  • And much, much more!

This was a very fun episode and it was great to have Riknas back again. Every time he tries to get out, we keep pulling him back in… because I only look my age when he’s around. Remember to stream the show live at We’re recording again on Friday, August 5th at 7PM EST. You can follow us on Twitter for your weekly reminder updates.

Enjoy the show!

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