I am interested in advertising with Vagary.TV
Vagary offers a variety of affordable advertisement packages, for more details please contact us at support@vagary.tv and outline the type of advertising you would like and the product or service you would like to advertise.

I have a podcast, will you host it?
Due to the current server load we experience with the podcasts we host now, we have to be extremely selective on accepting new shows as part of the network.  We will indeed consider everyone that submits something to us.  To increase your chances, please ensure that your podcast has impeccable audio quality, is interesting and unique, abides by all copyright laws (do not use commercial songs without explicit permission from the artist), and does not delve into obscene material or content.

I work for a game company, will you review our stuff?
We are always more than willing to give a fair and in depth review to any product or title, however if you would like us to review your product please send us copies as well as any press kit materials you may have (screen shots/game art/videos/specs) – please contact us at support@vagary.tv if you are interested.

Do you have a mailing address?
PO Box 439
Wheatland Ca, 95692

9006 error in iTunes
All documentation leads us to conclude that a 9006 error is a user side issue, and is not a result of the Vagary.TV network. The following is an official message from an Apple employee regarding this error and some potential solutions. If you still run into issues, we recommend downloading the podcast directly from the show’s main site. For questions, please send us a detailed summary of the problem including version of iTunes, ISP (internet service provider), operating system, show attempted to download and the time you had the error.

I understand that you are receiving a message about connection error 9006 when trying to download your purchases. I apologize for any inconvenience and am happy to help in any way I can.

I have confirmed that the iTunes Store is functioning and accepting connections. Therefore, the issue is likely related to your Internet connection, local network, or computer. I’m happy to provide some information that should help you connect to the iTunes Store again.

Sometimes this error can be caused by software on your computer that slows down the network connection. This error can also appear if you are downloading multiple items. I’d like to provide some steps that should help you successfully download your purchases.

It often helps to pause the download and then download items one at a time. These steps will walk you through doing this:

1) Open iTunes.

2) From the Store menu at the top, choose Check for Available Downloads. If you’re unable to upgrade and are using iTunes 7, the option will say Check for Purchases.

3) Enter your account name and password, then click Check. Your purchases should begin downloading.

4) Under the STORE section on the left, click Downloads.

5) Click the Pause All button in the lower-right corner. This will temporarily pause all of your downloads.

6) To resume only one of the downloads, click the refresh button that appears to the right of one of the paused downloads.

Certain types of software can affect the way a computer sends and receives information from the Internet. Here are a few examples of these types of software:

– Firewalls
– Web accelerators
– Ad filters
– Virus protection software

If you have any of this kind of software installed on your computer, you will need to configure each of the applications to allow your internet connection to access iTunes freely. For instructions, please refer to the documentation that came with that software, or contact the software’s manufacturer. You’ll need to configure the software to allow these domains to send and receive data from the Internet freely:


For assistance in configuring your firewall or accelerator software, you may need to contact the manufacturer or your Internet service provider (ISP). When contacting their support representatives, it may be useful to have the following information:

“Well Known” TCP and UDP Ports Used By Apple Software Products

Once you have managed to allow access to iTunes through other software, please follow these instructions:

1) Sign out of the iTunes Store.

2) Quit the iTunes application.

3) Restart your computer.

4) Open iTunes.

5) Select Check for Available Downloads from the Store menu at the top of iTunes, (if you’re unable to upgrade and are using iTunes 7, you’ll choose Check for Purchases).

If you can’t find this option, you can also click this link to do the same thing:


6) Enter your account name and password, then click Check. The missing item should begin downloading and appear in your Purchased playlist.

Please note that the iTunes Store cannot investigate every user’s connection issue. Apple Discussions are another source of information about iTunes, where everyone from new users to professionals can interact and share their knowledge and experiences. You may find another user with the same operating system or ISP that may be able to help resolve this issue. You can find the iTunes discussions group at:


If you are using a dial-up connection, you might consider downloading your purchases over a broadband connection, if you have access to one.

Apple is committed to providing you with the best possible service. You may also wish to visit the iTunes Hot Tips page at:


I hope the information I have provided was helpful.

8006 & 404 Errors in iTunes
This error can potentially occur at the fault of Vagary.TV, however there are additional things to try before contacting our support team.  Ensure that the file you are attempting to download is in the correct place, if you are following a bad link these errors will occur.  We recommend that you unsubscribe from the podcast in your iTunes, and then resubscribe.  Sometimes feeds do move and change, this could cause issues unless you have the most current feed.