Wii U Reviews

Kids Corner WiiU Review: The Croods: Prehistoric Party! ()
May 1, 2013 -

Ever since Mario Party burst on the scene, mini-game collections have become a mainstay on gaming consoles. While other systems also have their fair share, the success of the Wii as a living room device used by families has cemented their association with Nintendo. And since everyone wants a piece of that casual, family pie, everyone has some sort of game to capitalize on their fan base. The latest in that long line of titles is The Croods: Prehistoric Party!, a “party” game based on the animated family film of the same name.

Review: The Cave (, , , )
January 31, 2013 -

Amongst adventure game aficionados Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert are gods among men. These two helped create and design some of the most beloved adventure games of all time. After years of working apart, Gilbert joined Schafer’s Double Fine Productions in 2010 but the collaboration most expected to materialize from this partnership failed to materialize until now. That game, The Cave, is a return of sorts to the pasts of Gilbert and Schafer, reuniting them with classic adventure games tropes that made them famous.

Wii U Review: Nintendo Land ()
December 12, 2012 -

As a device to showcase the Wii U, Nintendo Land couldn’t be any better. It is un-apologetically Nintendo in every possible way and while it does nothing to dissuade the notion that Nintendo is for kids, Nintendo Land does a great job of showing everyone they can be kids. And they can do it on the Wii U.

Wii U Review: FIFA 13 ()
December 10, 2012 -

FIFA Soccer is the world’s most popular sports franchise. So Electronic Arts bringing FIFA Soccer 13 to Nintendo’s new Wii U console should come as no surprise to anyone. What also should not surprise anyone is that, FIFA on the Wii U is top quality and rivals the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions in terms of visuals, while at the same time, bringing new “enhancements” to the formula via the gamepad.

Wii U Review: New Super Mario Bros. U ()
December 7, 2012 -

A few things are inevitable with regards to a new Nintendo console. Bright happy thoughts from early adopters fueled by nostalgia, crushed dreams when that nostalgia isn’t enough to fuel they system as the be all end all for gaming, and Mario, Zelda and Metroid. The Wii U is no different and Mario is the first of the triumvirate to make an appearance with New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo’s second dip into the nostalgic 2D-platforming pool this year.

Review: Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013 (, , , )
December 6, 2012 -

Don gets in his camo for another hunting game, Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2013.

Wii U Review: Madden NFL 13 ()
December 6, 2012 -

Madden NFL 13 on the Wii U comes to players sans the new physics adjustments but unless one has already played this year’s version on a different platform, you won’t miss what you’ve never had.

Kids Corner Review: Ben 10: Omniverse (, , , )
December 5, 2012 -

Don and his son take to the Omniverse in this Kids Corner review.

Wii U Review: ZombiU ()
December 4, 2012 -

Remember survival horror? You know, games where you had to manage resources and conserve ammo, and every encounter was a… Read More »

Wii U Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops II ()
December 4, 2012 -

Nintendo is the creators of the Friend Code, the convoluted networking system they used on the Wii. So when Nintendo… Read More »