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TV Review: House of Cards, Chapter 7-13 ()
May 27, 2013 -

My perception of this series has been consistently positive, however, with in the confines of positivity, it has been a bit of an up and down venture. It took 3 chapters to find its groove, and save for a couple stumbles, made it to the finale in fine fashion. Unfortunately, the finale was one of the weakest chapters in the series.

TV Review: The Following “The Final Chapter” ()
May 4, 2013 -

Well folks, after sixteen long episodes we finally find ourselves at the end of The Following’s first season. Looking back… Read More »

TV Review: The Following “Havenport” ()
April 19, 2013 -

In this episode, Carroll and Hardy have a pajama party and tell girl stories. Just kidding, but it is one of the best entries this season and leads us into the final two episodes spectacularly.

TV Review: The Following “Whips and Regret” ()
April 6, 2013 -

Spoilers to follow. We’re going to try something new this week, given the five days out from air, and assume… Read More »

TV Review: House of Cards, Chapter 6 ()
April 1, 2013 -

House of Cards has nearly reached its halfway point now, and it fittingly seems like the story has reached critical mass. The story is beginning to zoom out in scope and almost leaves Frank playing catch up, his plans are starting to take a on a life of their own and keeping up with them is becoming increasingly difficult.

TV Review: The Following “Guilt” ()
April 1, 2013 -

This episode of The Following had a heaping helping of crazy, didn’t it? I mean, on the one hand we… Read More »

TV Review: The Following “Love Hurts” ()
March 22, 2013 -

The Following returned this week with one of the strongest offerings of the season. This is, in large part, because… Read More »

TV Review: The Following “Welcome Home” ()
March 16, 2013 -

After a week away from the review scene, it was with some happiness that I checked back in with The Following. Well, happiness, sadness, and then back to happiness again. After the thoroughly enjoyable sixth episode, “Let Me Go” was a disappointment. It was contrived and enjoying it meant extending disbelief to ridiculous levels without any of the charm of “The Fall.” This week’s “Welcome Home” was a delightful return to form.

TV Review: House of Cards, Chapter 5 ()
March 8, 2013 -

House of Cards may have started off so so, but the show has gotten much more in the groove. It is hard to say if the show needed this much setup, or if the writing just was not quite as good as the British counterpart (which I plan on watching after this).

TV Review: House of Cards, Chapter 4 ()
March 1, 2013 -

Chapter 4 is dark, impudent, thoroughly entertaining, and most importantly, moves the story forward. Very far forward. Frank Underwood has been pulling some favors and strings (and some blackmail) to put people in power that he wants so he will have friends in high(er) places that will owe him big favors when the time comes.