PS VITA Reviews

Review: Retro City Rampage (, , , , )
October 26, 2012 -

 The best way to sum up developer Vblank’s Retro City Rampage is that it’s an 8 bit Grand Theft Auto… Read More »

Review: Plants vs. Zombies Table DLC (, )
September 13, 2012 -

Zen Studios takes a shot at a popular Popcap license and Don gives his thoughts on whether they score high or not.

Vita Review: Madden NFL 13 ()
September 2, 2012 -

Grab a random person off the street and ask them to name two popular video games and the answers likely be Call of Duty and Madden. Games don’t get any more mainstream than either of these two titles and if anything can help spark the sluggish sales of the Playstation Vita, it’s these two franchises. Make no mistake, though, Madden 13 on the Vita definitely isn’t the home version.