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PC Review: March of the Eagles ()
March 18, 2013 -

March of the Eagles forgoes Paradox’s grand strategy model for a more operational viewpoint, to mixed results.

PC Review: Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army ()
March 6, 2013 -

The war is ending. Nazi Germany is all but defeated as the Allies surround Berlin from all sides. Surrender is the only sensible option but Adolph Hitler is not a sensible man and when surrender is suggested, he shoots that advisor dead. Instead Adolph Hitler unleashes hell onto his enemies, summoning up the dead to be his army.

PC Review: A Valley Without Wind 2 ()
March 1, 2013 -

A Valley Without Wind 2 (AVWW 2) takes its cues from its predecessor while simultaneously changing gears with a radical… Read More »

PC Review: Crusader Kings II: The Republic ()
February 26, 2013 -

Crusaders Kings II was the best release in the history of Paradox Interactive’s development studio. Though the developer had built… Read More »

Review: Crysis 3 (, , )
February 25, 2013 -

I have no idea why some individuals still reduce the first person shooter Crysis franchise to a mere showcase for… Read More »

Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines (, , )
February 20, 2013 -

Let’s get this out of the way, Aliens: Colonial Marines is a bad game. It looks old. The core shooting is mediocre, at best. The animation is stiff; and characters and enemies clip through the environment on a regular basis. The narrative is a poorly written fan fiction. And the tacked on multiplayer is an unbalanced mess. If this hasn’t scared you away then you might find something to like in Aliens: Colonial Marines, maybe.

Review: Dead Space 3 (, , )
February 13, 2013 -

The last couple years have seen some of the biggest series of this generation complete their trilogies. And more than a few of those conclusions failed to deliver what fans had been expecting. Now it is Visceral Games’ Dead Space’s turn to wrap up this generation and while it does not necessarily suffer the same issues as its trilogy finale brethren, it brings its own issues to the table that makes it less than stellar.

PC Review: Rush Bros. ()
February 7, 2013 -

Rush Bros., a side-scrolling platformer, is the debut title from independent label XYLA Entertainment and a fresh attempt to redefine the long standing genre. Utilizing some devious level design, Rush Bros. challenges players to get through stages as fast as possible and with as few deaths as possible, in attempt to do it better than your friends. That in itself is not much of a change from every other side-scroller ever made, however Rush Bros. integrates a soundtrack that subtly influences how the game is played and an actual competitive multiplayer mode that turns things on its heel.

Review: The Cave (, , , )
January 31, 2013 -

Amongst adventure game aficionados Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert are gods among men. These two helped create and design some of the most beloved adventure games of all time. After years of working apart, Gilbert joined Schafer’s Double Fine Productions in 2010 but the collaboration most expected to materialize from this partnership failed to materialize until now. That game, The Cave, is a return of sorts to the pasts of Gilbert and Schafer, reuniting them with classic adventure games tropes that made them famous.

Review: Omerta: City of Gangsters (, )
January 31, 2013 -

The Mafia is a unique institution in the American psyche. Films such as the Godfather, TV series like The Sopranos… Read More »