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Film Review: Mama ()
January 22, 2013 -

Jessica Chastain is hot. While she is certainly a sexy lady, that isn’t necessarily what I mean. Instead I am referring to the fact that she is not only in theaters with the Oscar nominated Zero Dark Thirty but she also stars in the latest Guillermo del Toro horror production, Mama. Mama enters theaters riding a strong wave of promotion featuring del Toro’s name and of course Chastain’s presence, making it something of a different beast for the traditional January dumping ground.

Film Review: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D ()
January 9, 2013 -

In 1974, director Tobe Hooper took the horror genre by storm with his now classic film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The twisted tale of a sick southern family that killed and ate their victims probably would have been enough to keep people squeamish for years to come but the inclusion of a mentally challenged, chainsaw wielding madman made the film iconic. That chainsaw wielding madman has seen his fair share of films over the years, including three proper sequels to the original, a reboot and a prequel to that reboot. Those films though, sans the reboot in 2003, all failed to capture the tension that made the original so great. And the latest film in the series fails to accomplish that task as well.

Film Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ()
December 14, 2012 -

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is a masterful achievement in filmmaking. Legions of fans adore it for its epic story, superb acting, and visual effects that even today, years after their release, still hold as some of the best in the business. The trilogy set a bar so high for fantasy films that none have yet approached it and that does not change with Peter Jackson’s return to Middle Earth in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Film Review: Red Dawn ()
November 21, 2012 -

Red Dawn, a remake of the 1984 Patrick Swayze film of the same name, sees the Pacific Northwest of the… Read More »

Film Review: Skyfall ()
November 15, 2012 -

Fifty years is a long time. Not necessarily in the grand scheme of things but nonetheless there are millions of… Read More »

Film Review: Looper ()
October 2, 2012 -

Out of nowhere 2012 has become the year of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The charismatic actor has been a chameleon this year starring as police officer in The Dark Knight Rises, a bike messenger in Premium Rush and now a mafia hitman tasked with killing his future self in Looper. With each passing film, JGL gets stronger and stronger as an on screen presence and Looper is his best to date.

Film Review: End of Watch ()
September 24, 2012 -

In a day and age where movie trailers show nearly everything about a film, it would be easy to dismiss End of Watch as just another cop thriller. After all its trailers show it as a film where a pair of cops get marked for death by a Mexican drug cartel, but End of Watch is much more than that. It is a film filled with personality, sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor that is juxtaposed by moments of shocking brutality.

Film Review: Resident Evil: Retribution ()
September 17, 2012 -

Knowing that his audience is the most ardent of Resident Evil fans, director Paul W.S. Anderson has made Retribution solely for them. The film is loaded with fan favorite characters like Leon S. Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, Ada Wong and Albert Wesker, all delivering wooden dialog like they were plucked directly from the video games they starred in. Needless to say, with the film running a scant 95 minutes, if you do not know who these characters are then Retribution probably is not the film for you.