Xbox 360 Review: Dance Central 3

4/5 Overall Score

Excellent song selection | Fun visual style | Easy to get in to

Kinect has issues with reading two people simultaneously

I will preface this review, like all reviews I write, with the fact that I am not in any way a gamer. In fact I may be the exact opposite of that if there is one – I am a mom to four children under the age of ten with a full time job and graduate school to boot, I’m lucky to have to time to pee let alone relax with a video game. That being said I do try to make time for enjoyment every now and again; and in that time I like to dance around like a crazy person with the intention of out dancing everyone I know.

In the past my go to Kinect dance title has been the Dance Central Series – it has great songs, is easy to use, and the cartoon people are funny. I also have enjoyed this series in the past because all my kids can play it (even the tiny five year old) and it has a super fun battle dance mode (where I routinely beat everyone). So my previous experience has lead me here, to Dance Central 3.

Like previous versions of Dance Central, Dance Central 3 was super fun and easy to operate. The game has several modes this time including one with a time-travelling storyline, an exercise only portion, and the traditional pick-a-song and dance mode. The best thing about the new game is that it has the ability to download all your favorite dances and songs from the previous Dance Central games making the song catalog quite enormous. Playing off the time-travelling storyling, the new songs are a great mix of dance music through the years and are a ton of fun. Picking some new songs and some old favorites we jumped right into dancing. The kids had a great time playing their old favorites; my son still loves Down by Jay Sean and my middle daughter continue to Ride the Train. While my friend and I played a variety of new songs in the Dance Central library.

Once the dancing started, the songs were easy to master. This is in large part because you repeat the same moves several times before a new one is introduced. Beginner and easy modes proved to be great entry points for players as the moves were simple enough and the pace was quite reasonable. My children and I played one player at a time and chose different songs and then sampled battle dance mode with two players.  The battle dance portion of the game can be tricky because it is more difficult for the machine to register two players and unless you have a big enough room to support side-by-side dancing, things can go a little haywire.

Everything in the game plays off the decade spanning song list and time-travelling storyline. In addition to the fun song choices and ease of use, the graphics are interesting and have options for each decade the songs come from.  You can change your dancer or a dancer’s clothes to better fit the genre and era of the music choice. This is a non-essential element of the game but it is fun to dress your character for the disco and do The Hustle.

Given my deep love of making a fool of myself in my living room and the ease with which this game is played, it is easy to recommend Dance Central 3 to anyone looking for a fun, easy way to get moving.  So gather some friends (or your kids), clear the furniture and get your dance on with Dance Central 3.


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