Review: Temple Run 2

4/5 Overall Score

Addicitive classic arcade style score-chasing | Price is right | Great looking

Level design can sometimes be a bit unfair | Controls can be overly sensitive at times

Imangi Studios’ Temple Run was one of the biggest games going. Everyone had heard of it and nearly that many people had played it. There were a multitude of reasons for its success but the biggest one was that, much like the best arcade games, it was addictively fun. The simple gameplay allowed for quick forays to chase the next high score and once you started you just could not stop.

The formula was so good that tons of Temple Run clones have appeared in the 17 months since its original release. But now Imangi Studios has released the only thing that could truly follow up Temple Run, that of course is Temple Run 2.


Creating a sequel to a popular title is a huge undertaking. Not only do you need to maintain the spirit of the original but you need to instill a sense of freshness to it by introducing new things to the already popular formula. Imangi does a great job of this with Temple Run 2.

At first glance players will notice that Temple Run 2 looks better than the original game. The temple is a new, more detailed design. Textures are less muddy and the game is a ton brighter. The animations are crisper and certain things, like sliding, look less awkward than they did in the original. However for as nice as the aesthetics look, Temple Run is and always will be about the gameplay and Temple Run 2 is no different.


For those that have played Temple Run in the past Temple Run 2 will not throw anything amazingly new at you. Players will still swipe up to jump, down to slide, and left or right to turn that way. The game throws a host of obstacles at our hero Guy Dangerous and his friendly neighborhood temple robbers, all of which will require lightning quick reflexes and full utilization of the device being used to play it on. Temple Run 2 comes with a ton of challenges and upgrades to complete and purchase (via either in-game collected coins or in-app purchases) all of which helps to increase the players overall score.

Like its predecessor, Temple Run 2 is a classic example of a score chaser. It features the exact same addictive qualities of classic arcade titles and attempting to “beat” your friends high scores will keep one going for quite some time. The game works perfectly on the iPhone and IPad mini, and I would guess similarly sized Android devices, however on the normal iPad’s it becomes a bit unwieldy. Still it’s a great game nonetheless and for the low, low price of free everyone should be giving it a go.

Review Note: This game was tested on iOS devices, it is also available on Android devices.


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