Kids Corner: Review: Angry Birds Trilogy

4/5 Overall Score

Lots of Angry Birds | Great visual presentation | Son loved the animated cut scenes

$40 price tag | No Angry Birds Space

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of the phenomenon known as Angry Birds. A simplistic puzzle game, it’s the most downloaded title of all time. You pull a bird back in a slingshot and fire at a tower of wood, stone, ice, and pigs. For those not familiar with the series, your main goal is to crush green pigs with either debris or targeting the pigs directly. It’s genius and simple, and it can be highly addicting if you are bored in the waiting room and only have your phone. Angry Birds finally appears on consoles in disc format, with Angry Birds Trilogy.

Adult Review

I’ve played my fair share of Angry Birds. I have spent many sittings on the couch with my iPod Touch flinging birds at complicated structures and pigs. Angry Birds, and all of the games that derived from it, are perfect $0.99 games (or free with ads) to kill some time when playing a more involving game just isn’t feasible.

Angry Birds Trilogy combines Angry Birds (called “Classic”), Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio on to one disc with some extras (which I will get to in the Kids Review). I was disappointed it didn’t have Angry Birds Space, as that’s the only one I hadn’t played. Still, with three Angry Birds games included, there’s a ton of puzzles here.

With a controller, Angry Birds still remains the same game as it is on mobile devices. Pull the analog stick to the left, release, and watch the bird fly off to it’s target. Hitting “X” performs the action if you are using any bird outside of the red one. Angry Birds makes a nice transition to the controller, but it’s still more comfortable with a touch screen. That said, the analog controller is far more intuitive than the Roku remote(the set-top box thatplays Netflix, some basic games, Hulu, etc).

Presentation is absolutely astounding. The colors pop right out of the screen. It’s one of the more colorful games I have experienced on a console. It’s hard to ignore that one of the reasons Angry Birds is so popular is the amount of character these birds have, and that is more present on a large screen than on a mobile device. That character also comes through during animated cut-scenes while playing Angry Birds Classic, which I have never seen in previous editions.

There’s a lot of content in Angry Birds Trilogy, but at $40 USD, it’s a tough sell to anyone who’s already played it on their mobile device. On top of that, I’ve always felt Angry Birds was a great time killer when you had a few minutes to burn, not something to sit down in front of a TV and spend a few hours playing. Die hard fans, though, might enjoy the added bits, trophies/achievements, and leaderboards, but it has little to offer to necessitate the high price tag.

Adult Score: 3/5

Kid Review

Naturally, kids are drawn to Angry Birds. My eight year old son is a huge fan, to say the least, so asking for his help on this didn’t take much persuasion. A quick history on his experience with the franchise (outside of him wearing his Angry Birds Space shirt every week): he has played every version on my iPod Touch and has spent quite a bit of time playing on the aforementioned Roku box. Even so, the instructions for new players are easy to read and tell you exactly what to do.

Originally, he had started with Angry Birds Rio (it’s the one he has spent the least amount of time with on other devices), and then moved to the classic Angry Birds. The first time he saw one of the cut scenes, he was floored and instantly addicted. The cut scenes were a big deal to him, and his favorite part. Sure, he was playing levels he had played a few times before, but his reward was an entertaining, colorful skit with those charming birds.

Angry Birds Trilogy also comes with some art work and sketches, something I noticed my son browsing through at one point. I always find it interesting to see what catches a kids attention when playing games, and I never would have thought art work would have been an eye-catcher. But it was. He liked seeing the different sketches of the birds, and made comments about nearly every one.

He had no problems transitioning to the controller, either, and liked the analog controller better than both the Roku remote he was used to and the touch screen.

Playing the games on the big TV with all of the vibrant HD colors, my son was glued to the TV for any allotted time he was given to play, and never asked to switch games. Granted, he’s played on a big TV with the Roku, but he noticed the difference between the two versions. Like me, he was disappointed with the lack of Angry Birds Space being included, but overall, if you’re looking for a puzzle game for your kids that will make them think, Angry Birds Trilogy is a good option. That $40 price tag is still a serious issue, but compared to other games geared towards kids, it’s a little more acceptable.

Kids Score: 4/5

Note: This review is based on gameplay on the Playstation 3 console with material provided by the publisher. Angry Birds Trilogy is also available on the Xbox 360 console and the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.





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  • LOVE this review! It’s cute to add a kid’s opinion! Great job, Don

  • Chris Scott

    Price tag of this is outrageous. $20 for this still would have been pushing it but at least it would have been more palatable. With all of these games are available for Free or a $1 on mobile devices, and if you want them in HD $3 a pop, I can’t believe they would drop this at $40.I stand by the fact that anyone that buys this package, whether it be for their kids or themselves, is an idiot.