iOS Review: The Seed

4/5 Overall Score

Fantastic cohesion between art, music, and gameplay mechanics

Can be quite challenging

The iOS ecosystem is filled with all sorts of great, fun titles. So many, that oftentimes they get lost in the shuffle, ignored and forgotten by all but the few that had a chance to experience them. Writing about any of these games is, at least for me, often a struggle. What do you say about a game that cost .99 cents of your money and aims to only occupy a sliver of your time before you move on to the next new thing? The answer to that, most times, is not a whole lot.


Every once in a while though, a title comes along that breaks out of that shell and offers something above and beyond what most iOS games do. The Seed is one of those games. Looking at it from a purely mechanical standpoint, you might ask why. After all, The Seed is a well put together physics puzzle title, nothing more and nothing less. However, unlike many mobile games, The Seed has a distinct artistic vision that ties in all its aspects into something more than the sum of its parts.

Visually the game looks ripped from a sketchbook, with objects and environments having a hand drawn feel. It doesn’t just stop at the environments though, the selection wheel has an organic feel to it tying in greatly with the games theme of life. Conjoined at the hip is the soundtrack, which is wonderfully understated and matches the flow and feel of the game near perfectly. And finally of course, the puzzle design gives people a reason to play. Together these components make The Seed one of the more cohesive artistic experiences on the platform.


As a game, The Seed can be quite challenging, sometimes frustratingly so, but it is also quite fair and I never once felt that the game was working against me. Figuring out the puzzles gave me a great sense of accomplishment and the game never attempted to take me out of the experience, instead just plopping me right back in the game allowing me to re-attempt a failed puzzle.

In a sea of endless runners and match three games, The Seed makes an artistic statement that makes it stand out. And that should be celebrated


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