Hardware Review: Tritton Pro+ True 5.1 Dolby Surround Headset

5/5 Overall Score

Awesome 5.1 Sound | Amazingly Comfortable | Excellent control setup

Pricey | No PC compatibility

One of the unfortunate realities of city life is that you will probably find yourself living in a small apartment. I would love to crack the sound on my video game system, blasting that Dolby Surround until it shook the windows, but my neighbors (and probably my wife, for that matter) would probably begin plotting my early death, especially since I tend to enjoy gaming during the late night hours. For a truly immersive sound experience, I find myself turning to headsets, in order to save both my neighbor relations and my marriage.  Finding a headset that is comfortable, offers high quality sound and proves durable under heavy use is a tall order. Thankfully, the TRITTON Pro+ true 5.1 Surround Sound Headset meets all of these qualifications, offering everything I could ask in a wired headset.

I have sensitive ears. They’re not big and they don’t stick out (they’re very attractive, if I do say so myself), but they do tend to react poorly to being stuffed inside of earcups. The Tritton Pro+, however, was both well cushioned and roomy. My ears felt perfectly snug and comfortable inside of the headset, and that level of comfort combined with the set’s light weight made actually having it on my head for hours at a time a wonderful experience. The level of comfort is amazing, and the well-designed earcups avoid that sweaty, cramped ear feeling.

The Pro+’s sound is clear and true. While most headsets attempt to simply emulate surround sound, the Pro + is able to achieve it through excellent speaker placement. While wandering through the wastelands of Borderlands 2, I was able to take in sounds from all sides. I could hear conversations from NPC’s from four distinct positions (as my teammates mocked my for slowly rotating like the world’s most inept ballerina). Mid-range tones came through really clearly (which always seems to be an issue with headsets), and every sound seemed crisp and clear.

Sounds settings could be easily adjusted by the handy  volume control (which, due to the wired nature of the headset, is always right next to you). I’m used to being able to adjust overall volume and chat volume, but the headset placed the volume settings for front, center, rear and subwoofer speakers right in the palm of my hand. The controller was super easy to use, including an easy click feature for the rotating dial (saving your poor fingers from the punishment you get from other headsets).

Chat setting were just as easy to adjust. Voice chat was clear and easy on both the 360 and PS3. Thankfully, the volume of voice chat and for whatever game you are playing are distinct, allowing you to focus on one or the other without mixing them into a calamitous cacophony. The set has a removable mic, which I normally frown upon (they tend to stop working). However, it’s been about 5 weeks, and it still works clean as a whistle, even after my two year old son gave it a few inadvertent crash tests (well, I hope they were inadvertent). So far, the set has held up extremely well, despite being tossed around as a plaything.

My biggest concern with most headsets is cord length. The Pro + provides a generous 12 feet, so if you like to roam around while you play, or have to jump around playing a Kinect game, you won’t have to worry about running out of cord. Of course, if you have to twist around a bit playing Fruit Ninja, you may have to worry about strangling yourself with the cord, but that’s really on you.

In addition to field testing on a variety of games (and it’s easy to get that variety during review season), I also watched a few college football games on ESPN Live, and enjoyed several Blu-Rays (GAME OF THRONES, I LOVE YOU!). No matter what I tested the system with, the sound quality was fantastic. If you love the Netflix app on your Xbox 360, the Pro+ would be an excellent investment for you.

The Pro + would be an awesome addition to any PS3 or 360 owner’s home theater system. Offering super comfort, amazing sound quality, durability, and easy to use controls, it’s a wonderful headset, and one which I plan to use extensively in the future. If I have one caveat, I’d have to  say that the MSRP of $200 might be a tad high for a lot of potential buyers (especially since it is a wired headset). That said, this is certainly a top of the line offering, and that price point is where it belonged. While using the Pro +, I never once wished that the system were wireless (that hissing sound you always get with wireless headsets drives me bonkers). The Tritton Pro + is a wonderful investment for any gamer looking to have a complete 5.1 surround experience without upsetting the neighbors (and maintaining a happy marriage).



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  • Jesse Dawson

    Awesome review . I have the same headphones and in have had couple other 7.1 headphones and the trittons simply are light years ahead of the others .