Hardware Review: R.A.T.7 Gaming Mouse

5/5 Overall Score

Programmable buttons | Excellent comfort | Adjustable speeds for both

Gaming mice range from ones with multiple buttons to configurable DPI to ones with pretty lights and licensed properties plastered on them. There are some great ones on the market, with a wide variety of compelling reasons to buy them. Cyborg has taken the term a little more seriously, though. The R.A.T. series of gaming mice can essentially be taken apart and rebuilt to fit into your own personal comfort zone. While the R.A.T.7 is not particularly new, this range of hardware is now available in a few new colors (red, gloss black, and white, with matte black being the standard).

The R.A.T.7 , the model we were sent for review, is a corded mouse that looks very much like a Transformer. The biggest perk about this little gem is the ability to customize its form to fit your grip. Several pieces adjust to various degrees, including the palm rest. Three separate components can be swapped in and out by depressing a simple toggle switch under the mouse. These pieces slide off and on easily, and the three options all offer a vastly different level of comfort. I preferred the normal-sized grip palm rest, personally.

Cyborg also ships three separate pinkie rests, which unscrew with either the included tool or any standard allen wrench. Getting things initially set up, I had some problems with the included tool but was specifically told that just before production they made the grip on the tool just a tad bigger to add some extra torque.

My favorite adjustment to the physical fit was the thumb rest. Once loosened, it had a wide range of motion to make the mouse fit perfectly in my hand. I went a few days playing the mouse the way it came out of the box and it was a solid piece of hardware. After adjusting everything, though, I became quite spoiled. I was shocked at how comfortable everything was. Above anything else, the R.A.T.7 is about more than precision lasers and extra buttons; it’s about comfort.

Of course, it still has all of those little perks that make a mouse a “gaming” mouse. The high DPI (dots per square inch resolution) laser is designed to not only control smoothly but quickly. On top of that, with the programming software, you can tweak and store up to four speeds as pre-sets. Changing from one to another is as simple as pressing up or down on the switch by the left and right mouse buttons. The “dual eye” laser feature allows you to change the speed on either axis, and the laser tracks it just fine. Put simply, you can make it so the mouse moves faster horizontally, with slower movement on a vertical scale.

The R.A.T.7 lets you store three different profiles for customized button commands. Open up the software, and click a button (or the thumb wheel, which counts as two functions) you wish to alter, and simply enter the keystrokes. Being an avid strategy game player, I found that I no longer needed to have my left hand constantly on the Space key to pause time while running my kingdom in Crusader Kings 2, I just tap the Precision Aim button with my thumb.

You can save as many profiles as you want, and even if you want to hop into a game with three button loadouts, all you have to do is load the profile and pop into the game. Switching between the three profiles (designated by a color emitting from the toggle button) is not overly easy, so I wouldn’t recommend relying on this in the heat of combat.

For those of you that play shooters and want a little more precision when you aim, the aforementioned Precision Aim button allows you to slow down the speed of the mouse when depressed. This is also something that can be customized as you see fit, changing the speed with the programming software.

After several hours of usage, and plenty of game time, the R.A.T.7 is something I highly recommend if you are looking to replace your mouse. I simply can’t recommend it enough based on the ability to adjust the form to fit your personal comfort zone. At $99 USD, the comfort alone is enough of a reason to purchase this gaming mouse, the rest of the features are just great bonus’.


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Starting out as a founding member of Gamingcore Podcast, Don ventured on to start Gameciety; which began as a podcast, and ended as a blog. Don now handles Vagary.tv's PR work, is part of the reviews staff and has various other little projects he does for the site.