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Don’t listen to all of the rumors about the next generation of Microsoft and Sony home consoles being announced at E3 2012. Cedrick Delmax, director of marketing for Microsoft France, said in an interview with Le Point that “Xbox 360′s cycle… Read More »

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Puddle could be titled after the tears you’ll shed playing it. It’s a clever physics based platformer in which you must guide various liquids from point A to B through increasingly devious levels. The game goes from challenging to frustratingly difficult within its first set of stages and never looks back. Most gamers will move onto something less painful before they beat the game, which is too bad because the concept is interesting and the fundamental gameplay is enjoyable. It had the potential to be better.

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I hate Risk. As Vagary’s resident hardcore strategy gamer, you might think that this is because it’s too simple, but that’s not actually the reason. My objection is that too often, the battles come down to luck rather than skill. If I assemble an army of 20 to attack an army of 3, I should win quickly and decisively. Thankfully, Quarrel has an elegant solution to this problem: instead of rolling dice, make the winner determined by a word game.

Capcom Drops Resident Evil: Revelations Price By $10

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Capcom posted on the Unity Blog that the price for Resident Evil: Revelations for the 3DS would be seeing a $10 price drop from the original $49.99 to $39.99 Cdn/US respectively. The original price point of the game was due… Read More »

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Scarygirl, originally a free-to-play web game, takes you on a journey through a vast set of environments and will make you remember just how much rage old-school platformers can cause.

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My wife loves to read.  She decided after three of George R.R. Martin’s books from the Song of Fire & Ice series that she would take a break and read the first book in the Hunger Games series.  Believe it… Read More »

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In a world where games are endlessly marketed and every little detail is known about them months in advance of their release, it is nice when a game can just appear on the scene and surprise you. Zack Zero, the Crocodile Entertainment developed platformer, kind of does this. The game delivers a solid first impression visually, but unfortunately most of the other reasons it is surprising are less than stellar.

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There are good movies, there are bad movies and then there are the entirely watchable but ultimately forgettable movies. Mark Wahlberg’s latest thriller, Contraband, sadly falls into the third camp. Contraband is, at its core, a simple heist movie. Wahlberg… Read More »

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This week is loaded with news discussion, including Nintendo’s further financial woes and Microsoft’s rumored attempt to eliminate used game sales. They also hit on Quarrel, Zack Zero and some “retro” titles before veering off course into more parenting discussion … Continue reading

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The dudes talk some films in theaters, Contraband, Haywire, and Underworld: Awakening. They talk inside baseball, with Moneyball. And they talk about a lot of crappy horror and Final Destination 5, which isn’t crappy. E-mail comments (or questions) to … Continue reading