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Stinkyfoot Board: Finger cramping be damned!

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Game enthusiasts incapable of critical thought say game “X” is just trying to be game “Y”

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The Sony Computer Entertainment 2013 Meeting is over. We have the list of things you need to know, and what we think about it.

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Broadcasting is scheduled to start at 6:00 pm Eastern time, also known as 3:00 pm Pacific Time. Be sure to check back shortly after the live broadcast for our summary on what you should know and what our thoughts are!… Read More »

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Read our official announcement and add us on Raptr!

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Hello Dear Vagary.TV Readers, Today is the day that I announce I am departing from Vagary.TV.  To give a brief history, I started Vagary.TV (this incarnation at least) back in 2008 with a simple podcast called Game Seers.  It was… Read More »

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This weeks releases is light, but a few games do come out. Read on for more!

Uproar over on-disc DLC causes Capcom downgrade by Better Business Bureau

By , April 12, 2012 1

Vocal gamers who complained to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) have gotten Capcom’s rating of “A+” downgraded to a “B”. Since Street Fight X Tekken came out in early March, Capcom has logged 33 complaints, 28 classified as “advertising/sales issues”… Read More »

Cigarette-style caution labels for video games ‘billed’… again

By , March 22, 2012 3

Congressmen Joe Baca of California and Frank Wolf of Virginia want to put warning labels on games to caution families about potentially damaging material within. The bill introduced Monday called the ‘Violence in Video Games Act’ will label video games,… Read More »

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I played through the entire adventure of Journey in one sitting, alongside a complete stranger that I met early on in the game. I was only given the name of the person I was playing with at the end of our game together, so I thought it would be interesting to track that person down and talk about our oddly sentimental time together