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Despite its title, The Walking Dead has never really been about zombies. Sure they are a catalyst for many of the events that happen but they themselves are not where the real horror lies. No, the real horror of The… Read More »

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of the pilot episode of Once Upon a Time was the intertwining of backstory told in the fairytale world and exploring the current happenings of the real world through Emma. I was afraid this… Read More »

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Once Upon a Time, four simple words that hold the power to unlock the doors to lands of mystical wonderment. Lands filled with evil witches, giant dragons, charming princes and beautiful princesses who almost always need saving. Those four words… Read More »

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The best episodes of The Walking Dead have been the ones that focus not on the zombies but rather on the people. This is because its greatest strength as a television show is making it about the people who are… Read More »

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If you are anything like me you have been waiting with unbridled anticipation for the start of Season Two of The Walking Dead but that anticipation is tainted by a hint of dread that the offseason drama that surrounded the… Read More »

By , August 13, 2011 1

  “Breaking Bad” is the best drama currently playing out on television.  “The Shield” is (and likely always will be) my favorite show of all time, but “Breaking Bad” has filled the Shield-sized hole in my heart.  It was first… Read More »

By , May 29, 2011 0

During my freshman year in high school, the pilot for Smallville aired on the then WB network.  Growing up as a Marvel fan I didn’t have very high hopes for Smallville, but I did tune in for the first episode…. Read More »

By , March 6, 2011 2

As some of my earlier posts have hinted at, I am a bit of a comic book fan. A good portion of my childhood was spent reading what I thought were current issues of Batman from the city library and… Read More »

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The dawn of the superhero has come and gone, and while it seems like some of us are done watching famous actors play our childhood heroes with campy dialogue and hit-or-miss CG work, television doesn’t have the same problem. Depending… Read More »

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Hoping to continue the “success” that came with Heroes back in 2006, NBC has launched The Cape, a new superhero show set in the same vein as Batman and Daredevil, ordinary men doing extraordinary things.  The series kicked off with… Read More »