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For as much as I like 3D Mario games, there is something special about the traditional side-scrolling 2D ones. When Nintendo announced that it would be bringing the New Super Mario Bros. series to its next round of consoles, the… Read More »

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Developer / publisher Square Enix was one of the biggest supporters of the Nintendo DS but they have been noticeably absent in their support of the 3DS. That is until they opened the flood gates and threw their full support… Read More »

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Since the Nintendo 3DS launched the mantra in regards to game releases has been, be patient they are coming. When Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 launched late in 2011 it seemed like the wait was over and… Read More »

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Madonna may have summed this game up years before its release when she said that “music makes the people come together.” Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (henceforth known as just Theatrhythm for sanity purposes) brings 25 years of characters and music together on the… Read More »

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A few bold changes make this a LEGO game for fans of all ages. Read on to see why.

DS Review: Pokemon Conquest

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Pokemon is a franchise that is loved by both the young and old. I personally have been collecting the little monsters ever since Pokemon Red and Blue was released on the Gameboy. With each new entry in the series we… Read More »

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The Olympic Games are a huge draw around the world and few things get the national pride and competitive juices flowing more than the Olympics do. The Games themselves seem like a natural fit for a video game; so, it… Read More »

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It’s ironic that Resident Evil Revelations has been hyped up (and even marketed) as a return to the more deliberate, atmospheric, tense style of old school Resident Evil. In reality, this game pushes the series further into modern, western territory than it has ever been before.

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You don’t need to listen to some of the podcast deliberations on the site to realize that 2011 has been one of the finest years for gaming in a long while. The year had downloadable titles like Bastion sit next to or above high profile retail games like Portal 2 and surprises like Rayman: Origins and Saint’s Row: The Third. The seldom appreciated and often dust ridden Wii was graced with the yarn ‘n’ string splendor of Kirby’s Epic Yarn and the latest Nintendo dungeon adventure of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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There is little arguing that the software lineup of the Nintendo 3DS handheld has been somewhat lacking but, Nintendo has begun a salvo of software releases that they hope will help the system begin to gain traction with consumers. The… Read More »