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A crooked cop with an exact resemblance to George Lucas pulled my haggard character out of the flaming wreck of a gun-toting dune buggy. I knew then that I wanted to love developer Remedy Entertainment’s Death Rally, but all of the problems of the game kept me from enjoying the game for long.

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After the first of several hours with Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition, I shrugged and realized that there wasn’t much to write about the game. This is because it doesn’t take long to realize that developer Zombie Studios’ Pac Man Championship-esque take on Frogger is simple and, unlike many previous Frogger games, is quite good.

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Battleheart stole my heart for a much longer period of time, but I don’t regret picking up this turn-based variant at all.

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Adventure games, once thought of as a relic of days gone by have been rejuvenated over the past several years by Telltale Games. Their success in the genre is no accident as they combine a volatile formula of great writing, easy to understand gameplay, and strong iconic characters set in beloved franchises. This makes their games stand out from the standard fare the rest of the industry releases.

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When a new App takes the top selling game position on the App Store, I usually buy it. I also usually don’t play it more than once, so I never write a review for it. That cycle finally changed a… Read More »

Hunters: Episode 1 Review [iOS]

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Generally speaking, when you buy an iPhone game you really don’t know what you are going to get. You can read the description, look at screen shots and get your hopes up; only to be smashed with a game that… Read More »

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John Kannon’s adventure is a ham-fist & cheesiness sandwich made with Max Payne-bread.

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Platform: PC, iPad, iPod Developer: Teletale Games   Once again, we fill the shoes of the mild mannered Special Agent, Nelson Tethers of the FBI’s Puzzle Research Division. After a foray into Scoggins, Minnesota investigating the shutdown of the eraser… Read More »

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Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard, reviewed by Magnus Risebro.

Dead Space iPhone review

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Cynics claim “Hardcore” titles are a poor fit for the iDevice. Does Dead Space prove them wrong?