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Don gets his hands on the new Saitek Pacific AV8R Flight Stick.

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As audio has become more and more advanced over the years, its importance to gaming has increased exponentially. Games today have effects and soundtracks that are on par with the best the film industry has to offer and game designers… Read More »

By , August 8, 2012 0 reviews the Roxio Game Capture device.

By , July 31, 2012 0 reviews the LG Optimus Elite, available at Virgin Mobile.

By , July 19, 2012 2 reviews the recently-released HTC Evo V from Virgin Mobile.

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This Tritton-built headset offers the performance of a quality headset you would expect from Tritton, but with a much more eye-pleasing aesthetic to it.

Review: Madcatz MLG Pro Circuit Controller

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The controller is an important part of your game experience. We recently got our hands on the new Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit controller for the Playstation 3, and from the moment it was unboxed, it was clear it trumped many aftermarket controllers. With any controller, really, you are stuck with whatever options you are given and have to hope for the best. For example, the PDP Afterglow controller is slightly smaller than the stock PS3 controller with the Xbox 360 analog stick layout. But the sticks were concave, so I trashed the controller. Mad Catz has an answer for that, but at a steep $99.99 US pricetag.

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Affordable without sacrificing quality is Plantronics’ motto when discussing the GameCom 777. These headphones are impressive at their fairly low price point of $59.99. Offering 7.1 surround sound, volume controls, and comfortable cloth ear muffs, these headphones strive for your… Read More »