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By , August 9, 2012 21

  The fall season is the biggest time of the year for video games. We’re going to hear plenty about Call of Duty, Medal of Honor and Assassin’s Creed, with their terrifyingly large marketing budgets and massive fan bases. But,… Read More »

By , August 8, 2012 1

Spooky Squid Games will be releasing They Bleed Pixels to the PC console through Steam. The gothic lo-fi beat’em up that features a little girl who can stab, kick and toss enemies into saws and spike pits will also be… Read More »

By , August 3, 2012 5

The premise behind this series is to entertain you for half an hour. You’ll get video game footage captured by, with the suave and sultry voices of two monkeys, Don Parsons and Tony Odett.

By , July 9, 2012 0

With the Vita out for a few months now, the fact that there are only a select few amazing titles remains truthful. Fortunately, Gravity Shift is definitely one of them.

By , June 29, 2012 2 highlights ten upcoming games for this summer and early fall.

By , June 15, 2012 0

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By , June 15, 2012 2

“Well, no one’s ever done that before,” said the Crytek employee after he’d finished watching my playthrough of Crysis 3’s E3 demo. My Crysis 1 instincts had kicked in and I’d just snuck around just about every opponent in the whole 30 minute demo, taking out just a few turrets and soldiers as needed.

By , June 15, 2012 2

I remember playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted at E3 and being incredibly afraid for the life of my scraped up Ford Mustang. I’d just finished competing with several other racers for the longest jump off of a ramp and had come out with the third highest score; the thing was, the guys who held the scores above me had been taken out and I’d be the winner if I survived.

By , June 13, 2012 2 got some hands-on time with upcoming shooter, Borderlands 2, at E3.

By , June 12, 2012 1

“Pfft, yeah, it’s totally just a Smash Brothers clone,” I’d hear some E3 attendees say. A wise person also once said that mockery is the realm of the weak, and that person would probably agree with me that Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is shaping up to be one of the most addictive Playstation multiplayer games I’ve experienced in a while.