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“Sorry, gamers, Kinect is here to stay. Aww, don’t cry! Here, have some Halo 4!”

By , June 8, 2011 0

With 2K having quite the line-up at E3, it may a bit too easy to over-look what may be their strongest title. While I haven’t actually played XCOM, the E3 demo was far more intriguing than The Darkness 2,  Duke… Read More »

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By expected demand Sony started their E3 conference by speaking about the hackings they endured that resulted in the PlayStation Network being taken down for nearly a month. I was glad they took the challenge to getting out in front… Read More »

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Firing right out the gate, the EA Press Conference kicks off with a new Mass Effect 3 trailer showing the reaper invasion in full detail, and how they are just ripping the place up. This alone sets the tone for… Read More »

By , May 31, 2011 1

Nintendo has announced this morning that they will do a price drop on the DS Lite system from $129.99 to $99.99 in June.  Additionally in June six Mario titles will be getting new packaging that will mirror the red New… Read More »

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‘Come Get Some’ – Party with NVIDIA and Duke Nukem Win a VIP Trip to the Official Duke Nukem Forever Launch Event, Rub Elbows with the Gearbox and NVIDIA Crews, and Raise Some Hell in Texas! SANTA CLARA, Calif. —… Read More »

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The Playstation Network is mostly back and running, minus the PSN Store. Sony unveiled its plans for its “Welcome Back” appreciation program as a way to repay their customers for their patience and loyalty through those dark times. The Playstation.Blog… Read More »

By , April 19, 2011 3

Largely a response to dissension and more incoming news, I’ve decided to write a part two to my “Why I’m Not Excited About Nintendo’s Next Console” editorial. For the sake of outright admission, I realize that nothing is set in stone… Read More »

By , April 18, 2011 1

This might come as a surprise, but we here at are not really in the position to get a giant scoop on the next hot thing from Nintendo (yet). However, what we are adept at, is giving ideas and feedback to an idea, proposing theories and just all around down to earth… Read More »

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Wondering how much the 3DS will set you back or when you can get your hands on it? Find out here!