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Last Week in News analyzes all the most important stories of the previous week with the cutting edge and sharp teeth that only Vagary can provide Obama Announces Plan to Reduce Gun  Violence- Includes Study to Analyze the Effects of… Read More »

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Don’t blink, or you will miss this week’s releases! Thankfully, if you did, Don gives a few quick thoughts on them for you.

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Coming to Stores is back to give you the info on this week’s releases, accompanied by everyone’s favorite Don and his opinion.

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Don highlights the weekly releases, with some personal thoughts on a few.

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Another slow week, but Don presents this weeks releases, and chimes in on a few key titles.

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Don fills you in on what’s coming out this week, along with some brief thoughts on a few of the highlights.

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The Wii U launches aside a few other big titles. See the complete list, as well as some thoughts on them from Don.

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Don gives you the run down on what is coming out this week, with some highlights about key games.

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We may be through with the bulk of fall gaming, but this week marks Microsoft’s “big one”. Read on for this week’s releases and brief thoughts from Don.

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The new Assassin’s Creed game is anything but stealthy, leading this weeks parade of games. See what’s coming, and Don’s thoughts on this weeks release list.