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After a few weeks of meh releases, Hollywood seems ready to bring the thunder. At least in terms of box office potential. This week three films open wide and two of them have great potential to take a heaping chunk of the audience this weekend.

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If you are heading out to the theater this week, two new releases are set to greet you. Supernatural teen romance, Beautiful Creatures utilizes a highly qualified cast to tell a rushed story that will probably leave fans of the book a touch disappointed. (Read our review here.) Still if you are looking to get out for a date it is probably more romantic than the latest Die Hard film.

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After a string of middling action fare the box office is spiced up a bit of comedy and a bit of suspenseful drama. Blu-Ray releases also see some variety this week, with the critically acclaimed Skyfall leading the way. And The Walking Dead returns from its winter hiatus.

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The 80s have returned. That is the only explanation I have for the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Bruce Willis all have action films that are either releasing or have released in the first six weeks of 2013. Arnold’s return to top billing was met with a resounding thud a couple of weeks ago. This week its Stallone’s turn to see if he still has what it takes to be the top dog at the box office.

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Vagary’s weekly look at what you should be watching over the next seven days.

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Vagary’s weekly look at what you should be watching over the next seven days.

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If last week’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre wasn’t to your tastes, this week gives you a trio of wide releases that might pique your interest. If you are looking for an interesting docu-drama, then you have to look no further than… Read More »

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This week sees Tom Cruise return to the big screen with the action thriller Jack Reacher and Judd Apatow deliver, This is 40. And that’s about it.

What to Watch – December 14th Edition

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This week is the last before the holiday deluge of titles hits theaters but it is not without a giant juggernaut of a release. Peter Jackson’s much heralded return to Middle Earth is finally here in the form of The… Read More »

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If you plan on heading to the theaters this week, specifically if you are looking for new fare, you may want to rethink. The only big release for the week is the abysmally reviewed Playing for Keeps, which stars a… Read More »