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By , August 28, 2012 3

In 2008, Microsoft ran a startlingly good promotion. The first Summer of Arcade put major Microsoft advertising dollars behind a series of Xbox Live Arcade releases. This occurred during the time of year when retail releases are sparse, shedding more… Read More »

By , August 23, 2012 18

Clearly, EA missed the hint after Battlefield 3 launched… we want another Bad Company.

By , August 13, 2012 4

You may have noticed from our new video series that our PR Manager Don Parsons isn’t very good at shooters. Killed in Ghost Recon, massacred in Tribes Ascend, Don obviously needs help. Thankfully, Don’s wife is an ace Borderlands player,… Read More »

By , July 18, 2012 0

Optimism is a wonderful trait. Optimists live longer they say (sadly this was recently debunked), and have happier day-to-day lives. Sunshine and roses are wonderful things. Turn that frown upside-down, and put on a happy face. Unfortunately for me, I… Read More »

By , March 18, 2012 9

For the past week or so, I’ve had to almost ignore the internet. Since about the day after Mass Effect 3 was released, all I kept hearing was the controversy over how “Bad” the ending was. Not having beat the… Read More »

By , November 15, 2011 2

I never made it past the first couple hours of Oblivion. I got as far as the first major city before petering out. I killed things, this being a video game and all, but the omnipotence of the guards vexed… Read More »