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By , July 17, 2011 1

It has been way too long since I have written for Vagary. Thankfully — since I screwed up my day job schedule today — I am left with several hours of downtime. As much as I want to get back… Read More »

By , January 4, 2011 2

Jeff Bridges has been racking up the performances lately. He finished up 2010 with “True Grit”. This film has deff jumped to the top of my list for favorite film of 2010. Since new Westerns are few and far between… Read More »

By , January 3, 2011 1

Hello all! Wow, I have been seriously slacking with this blog stuff. I suppose that’s what will happen with the holidays and all. But now that excuse is over… so on to today’s title, “Splatterhouse”. This is a re-imagining of… Read More »

By , November 17, 2010 0

If you’ve ever wondered… “What would happen if I hopped in a helicopter and tried to pilot it?” … then this is a deff a game to give a shot. I now know what would happen to me… I’d get about 150 feet in the air then crash into the side of a mountain – over and over again.

By , November 6, 2010 0

Sorry to come to you all a little late this week. I wrote two different articles and was beaten by Chris S. on both Saw 3D and The Walking Dead. After reading his… which were far superior… third time is… Read More »

By , October 22, 2010 5

Hola, fellow junkies… No, I don’t speak Spanish (fluently, anyways), but I come to you this week half loopy off cough syrup thanks to a killer cold I am fighting off so… please don’t give me a hard time for… Read More »

By , October 17, 2010 6

As a willing victim of technology, media plays a pretty BIG role in my life. I am an addict and I have no hope or desire to reform! I can’t really think of any point in the day when I… Read More »