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By , July 10, 2011 0

Thundering beats, ambient moods, and an arsenal of alien-destroying weapons make this week’s Playing Indie a must try.  AlienTrap Games Inc’s Capsized is a side-scrolling action adventure set on a distant alien planet. Your ship has gone down and it is… Read More »

By , July 3, 2011 1

Another week of glorious indie gaming here on VagaryTV.  Last week we took a stroll through the wonderful game of Terraria, enjoying sprite based crafting and adventure to its fullest.  This week, I mix things up and scare all of… Read More »

By , June 17, 2011 0

Each week takes a look at a new game from the world of indie development.  From shooters to puzzlers, we cover the games you should be buying or avoiding within the indie development scene. Nothing quite lives up to… Read More »

By , January 21, 2011 1

Undoubtedly fans of World of Warcraft and StarCraft have always been curious what a StarCraft MMO would look like.   One such fan and mod maker for StarCraft2 tried to answer that question this week.  This LSB we investigate the… Read More »

By , January 13, 2011 0

With the every growing ease for independent games distribution, we are seeing more accessibility to a larger selection of games than every before.  Platforms like Steam (PC) , Xbox Live and PlayStation Networks (Console), and the huge boom of phone… Read More »

By , January 11, 2011 2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) has always been a huge love of mine.  Seriously.  I had the sheets, turtle shaped pillows, toys, video games and yes even those stylish TMNT whitey tighties.  I believe I first saw them during the… Read More »

By , December 30, 2010 0

Nintendo has always had a place in my heart.  It was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that first introduced me to the joys of video games.  It is because of my experience with Nintendo in my youth that I have… Read More »

By , December 29, 2010 4

I often get into bouts of frustration that have me tweeking out like a wookie with flees.  A common cause to these flip outs is trying to decide what game to look at for the next week’s column.  With so… Read More »

By , December 23, 2010 2

The NDA on Rift has been lifted and that has flooded the web with a ton of opinions on the game. Did you miss out on the Beta Events?  Want to get an idea of what it is like without… Read More »

By , December 21, 2010 0

It took me awhile to figure out what game I would tackle this week.  That is until I found my stash of stored games and came across one of my many 8-bit nemeses, Batman.  I could not remember what it was… Read More »