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By , December 28, 2012 0

It has been a long year filled with great games. These are the ten our Reviews Editor, Chris, thinks were the best.

By , December 27, 2012 1

While everyone is celebrating the best games of the year, Chris takes some time to put on his grouch hat and remind everyone that not everything was roses and champagne in 2012.

By , November 22, 2012 2

Chris gives us a list of 10 geeky things he is thankful for on this fine Thanksgiving Day.

By , October 19, 2012 0

This weekend’s box office releases are a mixed bag and neither are particularly spiking my interest to the point where I want to see them. The Paranormal Activity series has taken over for Saw as the yearly Halloween theater going… Read More »

By , October 12, 2012 0

Liam Neeson might have ruled the box office last week with Taken 2 but he may find it hard to repeat as the champion this week as three high profile releases come the the big screen.

By , September 21, 2012 0

It has been 17 years since Sylvester Stallone donned the moniker of Judge Dredd in the awful film of the same name. Hollywood though hates to give up on anything and Dredd 3D proves that doubly. Not only are they bringing back a franchise no one cared about, they are doing it in 3D.

By , September 14, 2012 0

After a slight hiatus of anything worthwhile to talk about in this space What to Watch is back and we’ve expanded to more than just films in the theater. Now we’ll be talking television and Blue Ray releases as well…. Read More »

By , August 24, 2012 0

The Expendables 2 was the last of the big summer blockbusters and we have now officially entered the “dead zone” of the movie season. However if you are up for a trip to the theater there are a trio of… Read More »

By , August 17, 2012 0

The 1980s return in a big way this week as Sylvester Stallone brings his enterouge of washed-up action hereos to the big screen with The Expendables 2. Sure, the original film had its share of problems but it was also… Read More »

By , August 11, 2012 3

When I was asked to sit down and compile a personal top five list of the best of the first half of 2012 I thought it would be easy. I was wrong; it took a little more thought than I… Read More »