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Is this thing on?

By , January 30, 2017 0

Hello out there internets! It’s been a while… As you can see the site has grown old and dusty.  The staff has all moved on, some still are involved with the community – others, not so much.  For myself, I’m… Read More »

By , March 24, 2013 0

Disco Pixel’s debuted their first playable demo of Jungle Rumble at PAX East this year.  The premises is a straight forward rhythm strategy game that involves tapping the screen to the beat and in different patterns to perform various actions.  The game… Read More »

By , March 23, 2013 0

Reto-Moto’s Free-to-Play (F2P) First-Person-Shooter (FPS) Heroes & Generals is set in a World War II environment, and contains many standard online FPS features.  Players can create custom characters via their flash based client directly through their website, however the game itself… Read More »

By , March 23, 2013 1

Stinkyfoot Board: Finger cramping be damned!

By , August 2, 2012 0

Hello Dear Vagary.TV Readers, Today is the day that I announce I am departing from Vagary.TV.  To give a brief history, I started Vagary.TV (this incarnation at least) back in 2008 with a simple podcast called Game Seers.  It was… Read More »

By , February 16, 2012 4

What did Vagary.TV Owner Ryan think of the web based MMO Illyriad? Read on to find out.

By , December 31, 2011 0

Join Vagary.TV Owner & Chef, Ryan Kenward as he attempts to demystify the art of fine cuisine, and teach some of the tips and tricks to take your home cooked meals to the next level!  In this pilot episode Ryan… Read More »

By , November 17, 2011 1

Super Mario 3D Land is hands down the best game currently available for the Nintendo 3DS and, in my opinion, is in the running for Game of the Year 2011.  Mario 3D is the 3DS’ long awaited killer app, just… Read More »

By , November 12, 2011 2

With all these burgers, the only question that is left is where are the fries?

By , October 17, 2011 0

For the last two weeks I have been tinkering around in the Diablo 3 beta.  For anyone reading this right now that has not experienced Diablo 1 and 2, you missed out on two epic games.  With the first games… Read More »