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By , June 26, 2013 0

State of Decay satisfyingly addresses the household discussion of “What would you do if there was a Zombie outbreak?”.

By , June 13, 2012 0

Deep Black: Episode 1 is a generic cover-based shooter with the gimmick of having lots of underwater segments. Beyond being woefully uninspired in every facet of design, that it comes drenched in technical deficiency plonks it strictly in the “avoid”-category.

By , May 23, 2012 2

By now, Fez has collected its share of notoriety, mostly for uniting hordes of internet forumgoers in a cooperative quest to decipher its web of unprecedentedly obscure – and possibly genius – puzzles, a task which took them several weeks. As an event among the gaming community, Fez is doubtlessly a benchmark. Luckily, its substance is as strong as its reputation.

By , April 22, 2012 0

The last few years have treated physics-based puzzlers well, between Angry Birds sweeping the non-gamer masses and World of Goo launching to critical acclaim. Still, with games in the genre abundant, the requisites for originality and quality have risen. Making a block fall over and bounce off another block is no longer sufficient. The Splatters seems to know this, but its attempts at relevance and innovation feel forced.

By , April 3, 2012 1

As someone who favors the atmosphere/story-driven side of gaming over the score-chasing one, my experience with Shoot-‘Em-Ups (Schmups among friends) is limited. The odd flash title or bonus minigame aside, I hadn’t penetrated the world of diabolical bullet patterns and… Read More »

By , March 9, 2012 0

American Nightmare brings narrative interesting-ness as well as improved third-person shooter combat. However, a limited scope and a story that, although fascinating, ends up futile make the game feel like an Alan Wake appetizer rather than the full meal fans have been hoping for.

By , February 26, 2012 0

Today, I played the first 90 or so minutes of cover-based, morality-based shooter Binary Domain on the Xbox 360. Here are my impressions.

By , February 23, 2012 0

It’s ironic that Resident Evil Revelations has been hyped up (and even marketed) as a return to the more deliberate, atmospheric, tense style of old school Resident Evil. In reality, this game pushes the series further into modern, western territory than it has ever been before.

By , February 6, 2012 1

All Zombies Must Die is an odd case of modern game design-tropes working to a game’s detriment. The oft-celebrated model of fusing RPG-structure with action-gameplay is spread a little too thick here, hurting what is an otherwise solid title.

By , January 24, 2012 0

In a sense, Joe Danger is everything an Arcade game should be.