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By , June 19, 2013 0

Because of where racing games were at the time, and what Grid did for the genre, I have a fond memory of the original title. As such I was super excited to see what Codemasters had put together for the follow-up, Grid 2. Could they reinvigorate the racing genre again? What new twists on the classic formulas would we see this time around? And most importantly where does it fit in amongst the glut of racing titles over the past few years? After playing quite a lot of Grid 2 over the past couple weeks, all those questions have been answered and sadly the answers aren’t quite as cheery as my memories of the original game.

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There is a song on Metallica’s classic 1986 album, Master of Puppets, called The Thing That Should Not Be and I’ve always thought that it would work perfectly as music for a horror film or game. While tonally the music would not fit well with Techland’s Dead Island: Riptide, the sequel to their popular zombie slaying RPG, its title does kind of lay out exactly what I think of the game. Dead Island: Riptide is the thing that should not be.

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Blizzard’s Diablo series is one of the most successful franchises in gaming. As with any success, everyone wants to recreate it by making something similar but putting their own twist on it. One of the more successful imitators is the Sacred series. I only mention this because while I know the Sacred series, the latest game in the series, Sacred Citadel, took me a little by surprise. So much so that I did not actually realize it was a Sacred game.

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Ever since Mario Party burst on the scene, mini-game collections have become a mainstay on gaming consoles. While other systems also have their fair share, the success of the Wii as a living room device used by families has cemented their association with Nintendo. And since everyone wants a piece of that casual, family pie, everyone has some sort of game to capitalize on their fan base. The latest in that long line of titles is The Croods: Prehistoric Party!, a “party” game based on the animated family film of the same name.

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In a sea of endless runners and match three games, The Seed makes an artistic statement that makes it stand out. And that should be celebrated.

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On more than one occasion I won the righteous prize of a sticky octopus. These things were gelatinous blobs that felt gross when you touched them but had the ability to “crawl” down your window, provided you kept them clean, which was easier said than done. Developer First5 Games has designed their latest game, Cling!, around this very toy.

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Much like its big brother counterpart, MLB 13 The Show has numerous issues that impair it from being more than the sum of its parts and ultimately something of a letdown.

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Like it or not, Gears of War is one of the most influential game series to emerge this generation. It has been a series that on every subsequent release has raised the bar that much higher. With its super polished gameplay, vibrant visual palette and an extremely robust multiplayer suite, Gears of War 3 effectively put that bar in the stratosphere. It was the ultimate entry to close the Gears of War book on. And then they announced Gears of War: Judgment.

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In July of 2010, Blizzard unleashed one of the most anticipated games of the decade, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty…. Read More »

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As I step into the demo area for Red Barrels game, Outlast, I leave behind the bright lights and noise of the PAX East show floor. I am alone, in a dark room, with the only light coming from the computer monitor before me. And for the next fifteen minutes I am Miles Upshur, an independent journalist investigating an abandoned insane asylum.