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By , June 22, 2013 0

Deadly Premonition is the perfect definition of a work whose whole is better than the sum of its parts. As you would expect for a game that holds the dubious title of the worlds most divisive game, it is easy to make a convincing argument on either side of the scale.

By , May 27, 2013 0

My perception of this series has been consistently positive, however, with in the confines of positivity, it has been a bit of an up and down venture. It took 3 chapters to find its groove, and save for a couple stumbles, made it to the finale in fine fashion. Unfortunately, the finale was one of the weakest chapters in the series.

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House of Cards has nearly reached its halfway point now, and it fittingly seems like the story has reached critical mass. The story is beginning to zoom out in scope and almost leaves Frank playing catch up, his plans are starting to take a on a life of their own and keeping up with them is becoming increasingly difficult.

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House of Cards may have started off so so, but the show has gotten much more in the groove. It is hard to say if the show needed this much setup, or if the writing just was not quite as good as the British counterpart (which I plan on watching after this).

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Chapter 4 is dark, impudent, thoroughly entertaining, and most importantly, moves the story forward. Very far forward. Frank Underwood has been pulling some favors and strings (and some blackmail) to put people in power that he wants so he will have friends in high(er) places that will owe him big favors when the time comes.

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Frank Underwood, the S.C. Congressman, is in the middle of starting negotiations with two of the biggest teachers unions in the country on his education overhaul bill (while the deadline fast approaches) when a small time politician from his district start kicking up a fuss about an unfortunately decorated water-tower.

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This second chapter of House of Cards shows our anti-hero, Francis Underwood, pushing over his plan of backroom Washington deals as if they were dominos. These dominos have been falling, so far, without a hitch, and in fact are falling over easier and faster than Francis even expected.

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House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey and Kate Mara (among others), is a newly launched political drama from the highly regarded director, David Fincher. House of Cards is unique in that it is the first completely independent TV series for Netflix.

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What is the conundrum I am speaking of? Easy, the game has a solid concept behind it, but on the other hand has poor execution, and further, even poorer presentation.

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*Note* As many of you might have noticed (okay, as everyone has noticed), the Sony PSN is down due to hackers. A large part of this game is the co-op portion. I could have reviewed the co-op via the split… Read More »