AMD Claims Xbox 360 Successor To Have Avatar Like Graphics

Ever since E3, there has been talk about what the next consoles will be like. We’ve had reports from various sources, as well as big name companies providing their two cents on the subject. THQ believes the next interation of consoles will focus more on accessible services and user interface, while 2K Games claims that Kinect and Move experimentation will form the basis of the next consoles. Now AMD throws their hat into the ring in an interview with Official Xbox Magazine US where Director of ISV Relationships, Neal Robison claims that the sucessor to the Xbox 360 will be capable of producing graphics on par with James Cameron’s movie Avatar.

He also claims the A.I. and physics capabilities will allow NPC’s such as those found in Grand Theft Auto be capable of having their own individual mentality, instead of grouping the all to perform certain functions. We’ll have to wait for the August Issue of OXM to read more until then, what do you guys think is the most important feature the next generation of consoles should have?

Source: The Examiner


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