Compelling Argument for Localization of Nintendo Titles

As many know, Nintendo has denied North American localization for many of their titles — games like Xenoblade, Pandora’s  Tower, The Last Story and more. Many of these titles are actually being released in Europe with English subtitles and dubs, yet Nintendo has still expressed their disinterest in North American publishing. Why? It makes very little sense, as these games would likely make more money in the US than in Japan, according to trends spotted by Andrew Eisen.

Andrew posted an extremely compelling video on YouTube that hopefully gets some attention from Nintendo. Click on the image below to check it out!

Click on image for video, courtesy of Andrew Eisen



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  • Pretty good video, it represents the desires of players. They certainly have a lot of good games that could potentially do well in North America. Maybe they think that the majority of Wii owners are little kids and the elderly xD