BloodRayne: Betrayal Has a Release Date

BloodRayne is finally making her return this summer, but in a much different way than ever before. This time around, Majesco has implemented the talents of WayForward Technologies — the studio responcible for Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Shantae and the recent Mighty FlipChamps DX.

In the usual fashion of WayForward, this BloodRayne title is a 2D sidescroller. Its hand-drawn art style is completely unique, comprised of 4000 frames in just Rayne’s character model. That’s more frames than that of all sprites in their previous AAA title, A Boy and His Blob.

Expected to be a challenging but satisfying title, BloodRayne: Betrayl now has a release date of August 30th on the PSN and August 31st on XBL for $15. Stay tuned for more!

These screens were released today:







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