Netflix Streaming Now On 3DS

Today, Netflix Instant streaming service has hit the Nintendo 3DS. For many early adopters of the system, this may turn out to be a paramount feature. It may even attract new consumers to the 3DS. However, with Netflix’s recent price hike, some consumers may be a bit turned off.

Netflix has recently announced that what once was the price for one DVD rental and unlimited streaming ($7.99) now only accounts for one or the other, and all prices for all plans have increased. The price of one DVD and streaming is a whopping $15.98.

Despite voiced concerns, Netflix has not seen a significant loss in its customer base and will likely fair well with their price increase. With nearly 20,000 movies and television shows available on Instant, Netlfix has become a paramount service in many households. And now, it may be a paramount service on the go for many 3DS owners.

To download the app, simply go to the Nintendo eShop and find the Netflix app.


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