Nintendo Video live…. in Japan!

Today, Nintendo of Japan launches “Nintendo Video,” a new 3DS video service that will stream Nintendo recommended content. According to Andriasang, the service shares similarities with the already released Spotpass TV in that it uses spotpass to devliver content. Where it differs is in the content in which is streamed. SpotPass TV provides content from Fuji TV and Nippon TV while Nintendo Pass will offer periodic releases of 2D and 3D content. The first batch of content includes comedic acts, fashion shows and a 3D tour of Kyoto.

There wasn’t a word about a North American release until Joystiq reached out to Nintendo of America and they confirmed that the service will be available in North America later in the summer and that Netflix is still on the way. For those of you who own a 3DS, will you make use of the Video services or do you have better alternative means?


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  • Cool, would love Netflix etc on a portable besides iphone.

  • It’s good to have choices I suppose. especially for those who don’t own a iPad or iPhone. Battery life concerns me when it comes to video though